• Help to reduce the risk of retinal disease.
  • Help to enrich circulation system of blood and capillaries nourishing eyes.
  • Help to improve night visual performance.
  • Help to slow down degeneration of macular.
  • Help to relieve visual exhaustion.
  • Help to prevent degeneration of eyes, for example, pterygium, pinguecula, and cataract.


Raspberry Extract 120 milligrams
 Blueberry Extract  120 milligrams
 Lutein  100 milligrams
 Bilberry Extract  80 milligrams
 Goji Berry Extract  80 milligrams
 Vitamin A  0.8 milligrams


Direction:   Take 1 capsule after breakfast.

Warning :     Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming

1 box contains 30 capsules.