– Help to increase fibers improving excretory system.
– Help to excrete waste and fat from intestine.
– Help to improve absorption of intestine.
– Can be effective in 8-12 hours.
– Help to digest and excrete toxics in intestine while helping to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
– Help to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Active Ingredients

Chitosan 2.400 grams
Psyllium Husk 1.500 grams
Fructooligosaccharide  1.500 grams
Beta Glucan from Oat   1.300 grams
Pineapple Powder  1.300 grams
Beta Glucan from Oat  1.500 grams
Strawberry Powder  1.200 grams
Raspberry Powder  1.200 grams
Blueberry Powder  1.200 grams
Bilberry Powder  1.000 grams
Spinach Powder   1.000 grams
Guar Gum   1.000 grams
Alfalfa Extract   0.500 grams
Wheat Powder   0.030 grams

Direction : Pour and melt 1 pack of the product in 120-150 milliliters of room temperature or cool water and stir well with a spoon.
Warning. Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.
Content: 18 grams x 15 packs