Function of F4 Dietary supplement product
1. Block – Restrain absorption or accumulation of new fat.
2. Burn – Accelerate fat burning by pulling fat from muscle for burning and transforming as energy.
3. Build – When fat in muscle is reduce, new muscle can be built for replacing such fat.
Benefits of F4 are giving firm and beautiful body that can be seen quickly and clearly after consuming in short period while improving your health.
-FIT : Help to slim down properly.
-FIRM : Help to strengthen your body and muscle.
-FRESH : Contain no tranquilizer helping to refresh and relieve exhaustion.
-FAST : Help to firm your body quickly within 1 month.

Properties of Active Ingredients

  1. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is a kind of amino acid serving to carry fat molecules to cells that is a process of transferring fat to be energy. Consequently, fat will be used totally without accumulating while building higher content of muscle.
  2. Chitosan is plant chitosan that is the copyright innovation from Belgium helping to entrap fat with better efficiency than that of chitosan obtained from marine animals by 134%. It also helps to prevent weight gaining caused by fat by 40% as well as helps to reduce fat accumulation in liver and muscle by 66% while reducing triglyceride and cholesterol by 5% and 21.5%.
  3. White Kidney Bean Extract is consisted of an active ingredient, phaseolamin, helping to block flour. Consequently, consumed flour will not be digested and absorbed but it will be excreted from your body in the form of fibes.
  4. Green Tea Extract contains with the property to accelerate fat burning helping to eliminate accumulated fat without necessity of exercise as well as helping to firm your body efficiently.
  5. Green Coffee Bean Extract helps to restrain transformation of remaining glucose to be accumulated fat.
  6. Black Pepper Extract contains an active ingredient, Piperine, with the property of increasing body temperature helping to accelerate fat burning while slimming down your body giving only beautiful and firm figure.
  7. Garcinia Extract is consisted of an important property helping to restrain the function of enzyme that will transform glucose to be accumulated fat. Consequently, it helps to restrain far generation while firming your body.
  8. Chromium picolinate helps to accelerate fat burning while improving muscle as well as helps to increase content of HDL for healthy and firm body.

Take 1 capsule 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner followed by drinking large amounts of water.
Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.
1 box contains 30 capsules.