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Dietary supplements: Marina


Dewy Body Lotion

New Definition of Healthy SkinIt is an intensive skin nourishing crème

New Arrival

Transform NPK สูตร 20-6-6

Transform N-P-K, primary plant nutrients include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) Formula 20 – 6 – 6 : Grows rapidly, enhances soil microbial activity to increase roots, stem, and nodes growth. Feeds the leaves to produce chlorophyll, improves nutrients to increase leaves and roots. Barcode 8859346 750214 Net Weight : 1,000 milliliters


Micellar Cleansing Water

Facial cleansing product and removing makeup, water formula powered by the effective Micellar technology. Micellar Water combines pure mineral water from France. This helps to soothe the skin.


Body Cheer Hair Hinic

An excellent innovation that won the international award which are FIR Water and Darkenyl™ from Korea and France.4 PROPERTIES- STIMULATE- STILL- STRONG- SHINE

New Arrival

Nutrinal Veggie Jelly

Nutrinal Veggie Jelly is rich in 36 types of vegetables and fruits in a jelly form that helps increase the daily intake of vegetables and fruits that the body needs.


All Pro (Vanilla)

All Pro (Vanilla) WHEY PROTEIN 


Clear Plus Natural Facial Soap

This product give soft foam with special formula that is plentiful of skin nutrients in one product. You can feel its effectiveness since starting to clean your face because it will make your face soft, smooth, and firm with its extracts helping to reduce the cause of blemish as well as leaving moisture and brightness to your skin naturally.





BODi Design Slim Set

BODi Design Slim Set ประกอบด้วย Flow 1 กล่อง F4 2 กล่อง Orysamin 1 กล่อง Phytovy Liv 1 กล่อง Phytovy 1 กล่อง Marina 1 กล่อง Hy Pro Stawberry Flavour 4 กล่อง All Pro Chocolate, All Pro Vanilla หรือ Hy Pro Stawberry 3 กล่อง

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